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Meet the Staff

U Smile Family Dentistry
Friendly. Caring. Professional.




I have been a dentist and practice owner since 2005 when I first opened the doors to U Smile Family Dentistry.  It has been an honor to work with such a beautiful and supportive community here in Sacramento.   The last 15 years has been nothing short of spectacular, for I’ve had the chance to learn from so many people.  Most importantly, learning about the nuances of life.  Listening to patients tell stories and the struggles of everyday life is quite a humbling experience. 

My passion in dentistry is to create long lasting smiles and promote good oral health. I enjoy the human interaction that happens within the field of dentistry.  To be given the gift to work in such a private and personal space such as the human oral cavity is such a privilege to be treasured.  Each person’s smile is so special and unique, and it should be treated with the utmost care.

When I’m away from the office, I enjoy family time with my wife and kids.  I enjoy the occasional hike up on the mountains, playing basketball and coaching. 

One of my favorite quotes is "Be the Reason someone Smiles today."



Dental Assistant

U Smile Family has been my family since 2015. I have over 10 years of Dental Assistant experience.  My passion in dentistry is to help others be confident, comfortable and care for their smiles. One of the best parts of my job is being able to have casual conversations with our patients and making them feel like home.  My favorite quote is "Let your Smile change the world but don't let the world change your Smile."

I love my little family but in my spare time, I do enjoy a little bit of ME time.  



Office Manager/RDA

I've been a part of U Smile Family Dentistry since 2016.  I am a Registered Dental Assistant. As much as I enjoy assisting Dr. Her and working with our patients on the clinical side, the opportunity to transition to become Office Manager was something I couldn't pass up.  I've learned so much already but there's so much growth ahead.  U Smile is a second home and family to me.  

My passion is to assist our patients with all the nuances may come with dental care coordination, insurances and financial options so that they can achieve a level of oral health they can be proud of.  I deeply enjoy being someone our team can lean on to keep U Smile running smoothly.

When I'm not at the office, you will find me spending time with family, friends, and cooking in my kitchen.  My favorite quote is "Open your heart and mind like the wings of a butterfly. See then how high YOU can fly."

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